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The Sino-American Trade War: Are Trumponomics Making America Great Again?

The economic policies of the current controversial American head of state have become known for their protectionist nature, individual and corporate tax reforms and, most notoriously, immigration reduction. Since Trump's tax reform plan was adopted as law, there have been mixed results, showing that there is potential for the President to indeed make America great again. For example, in 2017, the nation's real gross domestic product grew by 2.3%, compared to 1.5% the previous year. Furthermore, while job creation, an important element of Trump's campaign rhetoric, decreased by 10.1%, to its lowest level since 2013, the unemployment rate has simultaneously fallen for the eighth consecutive year, and labour force participation among prime-aged labourers has increased for the fourth consecutive year. Equally, the stock market grew strongly, and the United States has seen a growth in household net worth for the eighth year straight. That said, the President's recent trade …

Brexit and Catalonia: The Myths of Nationalism

Apart from a media report earlier this morning claiming that Theresa May's Cabinet are due to set out a concrete customs plan for when Britain properly breaks away from the EU, progress towards reaching an accord with the European mammoth organisation has been mostly stagnant. Admittedly, there was a period of hype earlier last year when the Prime Minister rejoiced at the prospect of Britain striking bilateral deals with industrial powerhouses, such as Japan, but this was quickly downplayed by the corporate giants, who warned the Japanese Prime Minister that a hard Brexit would not be desirable given that the European Union houses a gargantuan market with ripe opportunities for business. Following on from my first Brexit article, which touched upon the issue of nationalism and imperialist nostalgia that partly fueled the vote, in this piece, I shall be discussing the myths of the chauvinism inherent in both the Brexit vote and the Catalonian crisis, with a greater focus on the for…